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Florida Homeowners Insurance Claim AttorneyWhen you first purchased your home, you assumed that your insurance company would treat you fairly in the event that a claim was filed. You pay your premiums on time and you expect that when you need to file a claim against your policy that the claim would be paid in timely manner. Insurance companies are notoriously unreliable about paying claims to those who are insured because they are interested in protecting their bottom line. In addition to the responsibility they owe you, they also have a responsibility to their shareholders and this often means they will fight your claims regardless of their validity. If you have questions call a Florida homeowner insurance claim attorney

Understanding Homeowners Insurance

Generally, a homeowner’s policy in Florida has three distinct portions. These separate portions all are designed to ensure you are covered for a number of occurrences. The typical portions of a homeowner’s policy are:

  • Property coverage – this portion of your policy is designed to protect you in the event of fire, or other occurrence that causes damage to your home. This portion also has exclusions including earthquakes, neglect of maintenance and sinkholes. Every policy is different so it is important to know what your policy excludes as well as what it includes.
  • Liability coverage – this is coverage that is designed to protect you in the event someone is injured on your property. They could fall on a garden hose on the way to your door, fall on an unsafe staircase or be physically assaulted on your property.
  • Optional coverage – other coverage may include property such as garages, swimming pools or storage sheds. In addition, in some cases, personal property coverage may be included as a rider to your original policy.

Your specific policy may have certain limits and may have exclusions that are unclear during the first reading. However, there are some basic types of coverage that are the same in all policies meaning most consumers who file a claim are entitled to some compensation.

Because insurance policies are complicated and most consumers are uncertain as to what coverage they may have, it is strongly recommended that if you file a claim and it is denied, you contact an attorney who has the skills and knowledge necessary to review your policy and your claim.

Insurance companies should be held accountable if they fail to pay on a legitimate claim. At The Law Offices of Paul K. Schrier, PLLC, we have years of experience helping our clients fight back against insurers who deny claims. Keep in mind, your insurance company will spare no expense in fighting your claim and in order to prevail, you need someone who will serve as a strong advocate for your rights. We will take the time to review your claim, review your policy and fight to make sure that you get the payment you are entitled to after a financial loss that is covered by insurance.

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