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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012, there were more than 49,000 people injured in bicycle incidents and more than 700 killed. Florida alone accounted for more than 100 of these deaths, second only to California. Victims who were injured or family members who lost a loved one have the option to work with a Florida bicycle accident lawyer to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and burial costs in the event of a death.

Common causes of bike accidents

florida bicycle accident lawyerWhile we often think that drunk driving is limited to automobile operators, you may be surprised to learn that bike accident statistics show that nearly 25 percent of bike operators are operating under the influence. Drunk driving on a bike can cause accidents with another bicycle, pedestrians and motor vehicles. For a Florida bike accident attorney, the goal is to represent victims and ensure they get the monies they deserve for their injuries. Injuries from a bike accident are typically more severe than auto accident injuries, and in some cases, even more serious than injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Injuries And Outcomes

The number of deaths from bike accidents in Florida is very high, and family members often have to deal with a number of unexpected issues, including the loss of income from a loved one, loss of companionship and significant medical bills as well as burial costs. While we understand that no amount of money will ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, we also know that a Florida bicycle accident attorney can help you recover financially after a loss.



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When someone is injured in a bike accident, that person will typically suffer long-term problems if a head injury is involved, a long hospitalization for broken bones, and weeks or even months of rehabilitation therapy. This means families are not only dealing with an interruption in their daily lives, they are also dealing with a loss of income in many cases. Not only that, but they are also dealing with overwhelming medical expenses.

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Bike accidents are a growing concern; as fuel prices continue to rise, more people than ever are using bikes for everyday transportation. The beautiful weather in Florida also encourages people to get out and enjoy the weather on their bikes. Families often head out together to enjoy the sights and scenery. We understand accidents happen, but when someone has been negligent, causing injury or death to a bike rider, you need to take action, and you also deserve to receive compensation for those injuries.

Families who have had loved ones involved in a bike accident are encouraged to contact a skilled Florida bicycle accident attorney at The Law Offices of Paul K. Schrier, PLLC. We are committed to ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve, and we will work hard to prove your case to help you get the highest settlement possible.

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