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What we all need to know about autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars are the future. In fact, there are many self-driving cars already in the testing phase. The race to be the company to accomplish the feat of releasing the first self-driving car is in full swing, with several major players working hard to be the leader in this field. For some, the technology behind this concept is exciting, but for many, it causes grave concerns and raises important questions. 

How will autonomous vehicles regulate their own behavior? How will the vehicle decide which is the best option when faced with a sudden hazard? These are just some of the many questions that people want answered. Consumer safety should always be a priority, but how will manufacturers decide what is the best choice?

Drowsy driving could have fatal implications

Almost every driver would admit to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while a sleepy from time to time. However, there are times when a person is more than just a little tired, and getting behind the wheel is a little dangerous. Drowsy driving is risky, and while it may seem rather benign, it can have fatal implications for every person on Florida roads.

Most people would say that they are tired at any given time, and for some, lack of sleep over an extended period of time could impact the way that they drive. In fact, estimates suggest that a few thousand people die every year because of accidents related to drowsy driving.

Fatal pedestrian accidents may lead to legal claims in Florida

Hit-and-run accidents are events that can easily make an already difficult situation more complicated than necessary. With pedestrian accidents, individuals who are injured in the event could suffer longer than necessary without medical attention if a driver does not remain on the scene to call emergency services or offer assistance. Furthermore, leaving the scene of an accident also results in an additional criminal element.

Such an incident recently took place in Florida and resulted in a fatality. Reports stated that authorities came to the scene of the accident at approximately 6:30 a.m. A pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle, but the driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene. However, witnesses followed the driver, and he was later taken into custody.

Distraction continues to threaten the safety of all motorists

Florida readers know that distraction is one the leading issues posing a threat to driver safety. When a person is driving distracted, he or she is a threat to everyone else on the road, and even a moment of inattentiveness could lead to devastating consequences. Texting and driving and other phone-related activities continue to be some of the most common sources of distraction.

While it is always a possibility that the individual who actually causes an accident could be liable for damages caused by distracted driver, some people think others should carry some blame as well. There is an increasing number of people who think that not only should a texting driver be liable for an accident, but the other person involved in the text exchange should be as well.

Pedestrian accidents: Hit-and-run driver returns to deadly scene

Losing a loved one in an accident is naturally a traumatic experience. However, cases of hit-and-run pedestrian accidents may exacerbate the trauma. Such incidents typically leave the surviving family members with many unanswered questions. Such may be the case for the family of a 31-year-old woman who was killed in Florida on a recent Sunday evening.

In a preliminary accident report, the Florida Highway Patrol says the incident occurred in Orange County at approximately 11:30 p.m. Reportedly, a 31-year-old woman from another state was in the process of crossing a street when a man driving a sedan smashed into her. The impact caused the woman to land on the hood of the car, at which time the front seat passenger's head struck the windshield.

Dealing with the growing problem of drugged driving

Marijuana use is widespread, even in states where medical marijuana use is not legal, and cannabis isn't decriminalized. Even with a prescription, using drugs before getting behind the wheel is illegal and very dangerous, just as drunk driving is dangerous. It can be difficult for law enforcement to determine how stoned a suspected drugged driver is, but that could change. 

Florida readers may be interested to know that there is a device that could come into widespread use in the near future that would allow officers to measure the driver's level of marijuana intoxication. It is possible that this could lead to safer roads and more charges for drugged driving.

Some trucks may escape inspection and cause accidents

Traveling the highways and interstates that crisscross the country provides you some semblance of safety against poorly maintained trucks since they must stop at weigh stations periodically for inspections. Not all of the commercial trucks you encounter in your travels go through these inspections, however.

Many of the trucks that travel within the Orlando city limits or within a radius that doesn't take the truck through a weigh station may not have received proper inspections in some time. This may cause the drivers and the companies that own the trucks to become lax on maintenance and repairs, which could put your life in danger.

Child killed in one of Florida's worst car accidents

A toddler was killed in a horrible crash while traveling with her family last week. The accident that took place in the Tampa area left one child dead and a man facing homicide charges. It is said to be one of the worst car accidents in the area recently.

The child is reported to have been secured properly in her car seat when the crash occurred. She was traveling south with her family when the driver of an allegedly stolen vehicle, who was also traveling southbound in the express lanes, rear-ended them. Both vehicles were propelled forward into a truck, which then slammed into another vehicle. 

Are airbags more of a health risk than a safety measure?

The intent of airbags is to keep both a Florida driver and passenger safe in the event of a collision. However, for some, instead of absorbing the force of a crash, an airbag actually causes more harm. 

You may be aware of the Takata airbag recall, which is a massive effort to remove and replace dangerous airbags from multiple types of vehicles. However, a recent chain of events led to the discovery that some of these potentially dangerous airbags could end up in other vehicles after removal from wrecked vehicles. One woman recently suffered serious trauma to the neck because of this unsafe practice.

Pedestrian accidents: Early morning crash kills pedestrian

Pedestrians in Florida are vulnerable because of the lack of protection. While cars and trucks have features like airbags and seat belts to protect them, pedestrians are completely exposed to the impact. Pedestrian accidents can be deadly, even if struck by a small automobile at a slow speed.

The risks pedestrians take when they cross busy roads were underscored by a fatal accident that occurred in South Fort Myers in the early hours of a recent Thursday. According to a report by the Florida Highway Patrol, the pedestrian was struck by a vehicle that was driven by a 59-year-old Cape Coral resident. Officers say this driver claimed that he did not notice the pedestrian crossing the roadway.

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